Microgreens and Produce

Delicious Microgreens


We are now offering a wide variety of organic microgreens grown either in hydroponics with filtered rain water only on coconut coir mats, or a soilless medium, developed and produced on the Big Little Farm.  Because they are so nutritious, they ought to be incorporated into dishes as an ingredient, and not just garnish.

Nutritious Microgreens


Did you know that microgreens contain 4-40 times the nutrients of a mature plant?  Their flavor is fresh, colorful and bold, their texture adds an unusual crunchiness to salads and wraps, and the spiciness of some of them can add a nice zest to many dishes.  Many people miss the point of microgreens as they are used as

Varieties offered . . . for now


Pea tendrils - sunflower shoots - radish (spicy) - 

mustard greens (spicy) - arugula (spicy) - carrots - popcorn shoots - mung bean shoots - 

nasturtium - bull's blood beets

We can also custom grow crops and quantities 

for chefs and caterers, and others that come to our attention.



We produce a small amount of a variety of seasonal produce on the micro farm.  It is really not a money maker for us. However, it does serve as a laboratory of sorts to discover best growing practices, and how to manage things on a larger scale by extrapolation for future considerations.  This part is only a hobby that pays for itself.

What do we grow?


This past winter, we grew nine varieties of salad greens and sold them to a restaurant and several families on a weekly basis.  Because of our emphasis this summer on developing the microgreens business, we have left a large part of the microfarm fallow, but are dabbling some in peas, bull's blood beets and nasturtium as experimental crops.  We will offer salad greens again this fall and winter.

Where do we sell?


We sell to the public mainly at the Keller Farmers Market Saturdays May - November, but are looking to distribute to a few small food markets in the Mid-Cities area of DFW.  We do provide microgreens to a couple of restaurants.  We are also looking to sell into CSAs and co-ops, and developing a delivery/subscription service to groups and/or individuals.