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Biochar is any kind of biomass (wood, seed/grain hulls) burned in a low oxygen environment. Biochar is a "force multiplier", as it contains many different properties to help improve soil health, and I make it here on the Big Little Farm.   Our biochar is charged with worm castings and compost tea, which facilitates and promotes microbiological activity.  Fact #1:  Biochar retains 5 times it's weight in water, greatly reducing the need to water.  Fact #2:  Because of it's electrochemical nature, biochar attracts soil particles which in turn improves soil aggregation.

More about Biochar.....


(Above, microscopic view of biochar)

Biochar contains a vast amount of tunnels within its structure.  These tunnels greatly increase the surface area of the biochar.  This attracts and harbors microbes within the walls of the tunnels, and a symbiotic relation is formed.  Plant roots migrate into the biochar, where microbes break down soil matter into plant food.  The plants take in this food more efficiently, and in return provide plant exudates in the form of simple sugars.  These sugars provide the food source for the microbes.  It's a wonderful cycle that biochar helps develops. 

Compost Tea


Our aerated compost tea contains up to 90 different minerals and trace elements, not to mention scads of beneficial microbes.  The vortex brewing process we use also increases dissolved oxygen levels in the tea, helping to deliver nutrients to the soil/plants more efficiently.  You'll see the difference in your plants within 2-3 days.  Apply life with our aerated compost tea.  The tea is available in 1 and 2.5-gallon bottles, or applied enmasse with our 500-gallon spray rig, "El Gordito".  We partner with Marshall Grain in Grapevine to retail the tea, but you can also deal with us directly.

Compost Tea Applications


Big Little Farm can apply that compost tea in either agricultural or residential settings.  Here I am employing El Gordito on a pasture in Collin County, TX.   He's not very good looking, but he gets the job done!  El Gordito can handle spraying up to roughly 20 acres at a time.

Compost Tea Success story . . .


(April 11, 2018)

 We contracted with a farmer in Hunt County, Texas in April, 2018 to spray a 5-acre hay field. We compared it with other fields adjacent to this, which either had chemical fertilizers or no fertilization at all.  This initial spraying was done  April 11, 2018.  We made a second application July 3.  None of the fields were irrigated.

. . . Growing Grass in a Drought


(August 31, 2018)

This picture was taken two weeks after their first cutting of hay, and they got a second cutting one month later.  The other fields?  Everything burned up - no production whatsoever. This area was in about a three-month long drought which ended in early September.  Goes to show that improving soil life improves production.