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Farm or Garden, or What?

The Big Little Farm is hard to describe.  Briefly, we are a multi-faceted enterprise:

  • We grow produce.  
  • We grow microgreens.
  • We produce organic soil amendments, and provide the services to apply them.
  • We teach and inform people on how this process works, and how it benefits them and the environment in the long term.

The farm exists in four places:  

  • a suburban backyard in the Mid-Cities of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex;
  • in my living abode; 
  • on leased property on a former shrimp farm in Wise County, TX; and,
  • in my head

We are a good American business, as we produce tangible, physical items you can hold, smell, taste - who produces things any more? - and organic practices and products ONLY are used in ALL of this enterprise.  You are invited to see what we are doing, and how we are doing it, at any time.

We believe that small-scale organic/natural farming can and does work, and that families and individuals across the country and around the world can benefit from operating these small farms.

This website will attempt to document what I'm trying to do in this world.  As the business builds, I will add another page of quality information sources and videos to help you better grow on your property.

What does organic really mean?

Organic simply means "having carbon".  All living things contain carbon, and all living things consume carbon in one way or the other.  Essentially, carbon is life.  

An organic program creates or enhances this carbon exchange in the soil by providing food and energy to microorganisms in the soil.  These microbes then provide food to the plants through their life and death. This creates a mutually beneficial system that plants benefit from, as the microbes benefit from the life of the plant. In an organic program, you feed the soil, and the soil takes care of the plant.  An organic program also reduces pest and disease infestation and helps improve the soil's water-holding capacity, among many other things.

Synthetic fertilizers contain no carbon, and instead are loaded with salts.  Salts "preserve" things by killing microorganisms.  So by applying synthetic fertilizers, you are essentially killing soil life, which is the antithesis of an organic program.

If you haven't yet, apply life.  We'll show you how.

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