About Us

The Story of Big Little Farm:

My name is Dave Phillips, and I am the owner/proprietor (and the us and we and our) of Big Little Farm, and this is my/our story:

I have been employed in the television/video production business continuously since 1982, and have worked as a producer, director, editor, writer and cameraman throughout that time, as well as being a very part-time musician. I am married to a NICU nurse, and have two dogs:  a chihuahua and a deaf italian greyhound.  

I have worked freelance since 1993, which has allowed me time to pursue many side interests.  In 2004, I began to have a calling to farm.  This led me to start researching various growing systems, but quickly came around to the concept of organic production, and all that entails. I thus became fascinated with soil biology, and the magnificent design embedded in "dirt" which is called the soil food web.  This observation of the "invisible" things of soil, along with my faith anchored to the faith of Jesus Christ, has led me to understand the following:  

(Romans 1:20, KJV) For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

From this standing, I started my journey into organic production by growing earthworms commercially to harvest their castings (worm poo), which is a very powerful organic soil amendment.  However, this didn't go all that well financially, so I shut that operation down in 2015.  In the meantime I gardened, worked as an application tech for Soils Alive in Dallas for a stint (who were also a customer), and am a Certified Organic Specialist certified through the Texas Organic Research Center (TORC), which is spear headed by Howard Garrett, the dirt Doctor. Through experimentation and study, things have begun to open up for Big Little Farm.  It's a case of preparation + opportunity = results.  Case in point-

Origins of the Microfarm:

I met an elderly widowed lady at a church I was attending in 2013.  She owns a home in the Mid-Cities area of Dallas/Fort Worth (the photo of the back yard on the Home Page is at her home).  The home is older, and the lot is very large.  Being on a fixed income, she needed help with maintaining her property.  It was in a mess, for she had been widowed and on a fixed income at the time for 13 years.  She couldn't afford regular maintenance, and couldn't afford the occasional landscaping pitfalls that befall a homeowner from time to time.  I volunteered to come in to start clearing things up, and began to incorporate organic practices on the property.  It was my laboratory I had wished for.

After about two years of this clean-up I asked her if I could raise some crops in her back yard, and she was very agreeable.  Since then so much has happened, I can't begin to tell you, but suffice it to say its been a win-win situation for both parties: I get to raise crops on her property to sell and share and to experiment with, and she gets free landscaping care, free vegetables, and a friend coming by nearly daily to check in on her.  This is just a small example of the above equation that others could benefit from.

Lessons Learned:

All of these experiences, all of this learning, has been quite fulfilling.  I have gone down several rabbit holes looking to fill that cup.  Some of these rabbit holes were fruitful, and some where not.  But they have all added up to fill that cup of knowledge, understanding and wisdom.  And peace.  However, the cup has but a few drops in it.  I have much to learn, but also much to share.

I get a lot of excitement and joy sharing information and the fruits of my labor.  I welcome feedback and dialogue.  I will be adding another page soon providing links and videos and suggestions and information about this whole organic management process.  I am also planning to expand the enterprise in the near future by purchasing farm land in East Texas.  Stand by for that.

Thanks for stopping by.  Drop me a line if you care at dave@biglittlefarm.com.

Peace and grace to all of you.